5I’S and JB HI-FI

Identification: customers can create a JB HI-FI Account through its website, and then they can view the product and make the purchase decision. The customers just need to provide some sample information to be a member, such name and email.11

Individualisation: after the customer creates an account, they can clear view the products option. The product have been divided into type, brand and prices. Customer can compare the price and the detail of the product convenient.


Interaction: at contact us section, the customers can send an email or make a phone call to JB hi-fi, and give suggest or get help through communicate with the stuff of JB HI-FI.


Integration: at the bottom of the website, JB HI-FI provide the information option about Terms of Use, Website Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy, Advertised Offers, Catalogue Corrections and Sitemap for everyone. There are also many social media sites that are used to help promote and advertise the company.


Integrity: For the JB hi-fi after sale service, if the product has any problem when the consumers receive it, the consumer can give the product back to the JB HI-FI, and get a new one without any fee. If consumer is worried about the JB HI-FI’S reputation, they can choose and read the information about the bot section of JB HI-FI’S website.



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