Trip Advisor

The Trip Advisor’s site Global traffic rank is 5132, and its rank in Australia is 72. Alexa (2014) show that the Trip Advisor’s bounce Rate is 43.20% and its daily Page views per visitor is 3.30, its about 80% visitors are female.


Trip Advisor’s Product Offering

Trip Advisor offers the huge number of popular places for visitors. It offers a platform for visitors to communicate, and there are many reviews from other real visitors, so this platform is one of the largest travel communities in the world. Moreover, the Trip Advisor also provides much advice for your trip, such as hotels, flights, accommodation and transfers (TripAdvisor, 2014).


Trip Advisor’s possible target markets

According to the Site Overview of Alexa, the main audience is female, and the most Internet Average education is Graduate School (Alexa, 2014). The possible target markets for Trip Advisor are backpackers, international travelers who like cheap travels and most of them are male.


Financial Data

According to Trip Advisor’s financial results for the second quarter of 2014, its total revenue was $323 million; its net income was $81 million. Moreover, its income has increased by 15% every quarter over the past few years (Trip Advisors, 2014).




The trivago’s site Global traffic rank is 74,833, and its rank in Australia is 1,412. Alexa (2014) show that the Trip Advisor’s bounce Rate is 42.20% and its daily Page views per visitor is 3.80.


Trivago’s Product Offering

The trivago provides huge number of different hotel booking for visitors, and these hotel room booking is from different agencies, so the visitors can clearly view the prices from different hotel booking agencies, and choose the most suitable one to booking. And trivago also offer the rank for the hotels buy the stars, prices and popular. Sometimes, it also offers some discount for the visitors, but this just can use for few hotels in a limited period of time (Trivago, 2014).


Trivago’s Possible Target Markets:

Through Alexa statistical analysis we can clearly see that most of the audiences are female, the male just hold a small part of all. Moreover, most of the audiences’ education level is graduate school, and the college holds the least part of all. Form the browsing location we can see that nobody view Trivago at school, most of the people view it at home (Alexa, 2014). So according to above factors, we can find out that the main possible target markets for Trivago is Female. Moreover, there is nobody view the site at school, so we can speculate that almost no student use Trivago, the conclusion is Trivago’s Possible Target Markets are families and people who are already have a job.


Financial Data

According to trivago financial result report for 2013, it gained $132 million revenue and up 103% over previous year. The currently stock trading at $87.9 and owned by Expedia. According to the statistics, the total assets is $38 million and up 34% previous financial year. Moreover, the profit margin is 11% of the whole and down a half compared with before.



The trivago’s site Global traffic rank is 10,330, and its rank in Australia is 176. Alexa (2014) show that the Trip Advisor’s bounce Rate is 27.40% and its daily Page views per visitor is 4.98.


Wotif’s Product Offering

It provides a reservation service for hotels around the world. Unlike many other travel websites, does not provide limitless lists of hotel details. Instead, the website provides information for the next 3 months, the reason being that “as a date gets closer, hotels can often drop their rates.


Wotif’s Target Market

According to Alexa statistical analysis for audience demographics, one can see that the most of the audience are female. There is a large number of the audience has not gone to college, but the Alexa also shows that most of the visitors view the Wotif’s website at school, combine these factor we can speculate that most of the audience are students, include undergraduate and graduate students. So its possible target markets are students and family, the main target also is female (similar to Trip advisors and Trivago).


Wotif’s financial information

According to Wotif’s 2014 financial results, it gained a tax profit of $43.2 million with total revenue of $149.6m, and Total Transaction Value of $1.14 billion (Wotif, 2014).


Due to their breakdown and packaged deals they presented their results in relation to flights, accommodation and ‘other revenue’ (events):


Flights transaction value of $178.3 million, up 37.6% YoY

Flights and Other revenue of $17.6 million, up 16.3% YoY

Total Group Accommodation revenue of $129.3 million, up 1.9% YoY (Wotif, 2014)


The’s site Global traffic rank is 96, and its rank in Italy is 21. Alexa (2014) show that 24.50% Bounce Rate, down 12.00% compared with previous data. Its Daily Page views per Visitor was 6.62. Lastly, we can clearly see that the daily time on site is 8:36, which up 5% compare to previous data.

8‘s Product offering is a Dutch online booking portal. It was established in 1996, and offers accommodation booking. It claims to deal with more than 650,000 room nights reservations per day, and in 2013 accounted for more than two thirds of Priceline’s revenue. It was acquired by Priceline in 2005. Moreover, is available in more than 41 languages. That is great action to attract more people choose’s Target markets

The main target market is female and they looking for accommodation on this site. From the perspective of education, there are most of the audience are undergraduate students or graduate students. Moreover, most of the audience viewed this website at school, which means students likely to be the main target maekets. In general, a high level of graduate school use at school and work, at home.9.7% of site traffic from Italy, the second one is the United States, with 8.6%. France and Spain are the same percent, which are 5.8%.

9 10

Relevant financial data

For the revenue area, Operating Revenue is $3 billion in 2013. The Total Assets is $2.7 billion and 96% over previous financial year. On the other hand, Profit Margin is 48% of the whole and up 19% over previous financial year and the currently trading at $1220.


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