Compare 3 Social networks

  1. Instagram

Instagram is an app for iPhone, which is a very popular, funny way to share your life with your friends and family by upload videos and pictures. Instagram provide several function for users, such as its ‘filters’, which can help users to edit their photos and videos before they upload them (lux, 2011). Users can also own a personal profile, which is like a photo blog, and they can upload any pictures or videos to show their taste. Instagram allow users to use this social network by their phones, computers, desktops and tablets, this is very convenient for users, and the most important point as its feature is this app is free for every user (, 2014).


Instagram’s features

  • Allow user search other users’ photo streams, and follow it.
  • Users can interact through upload photos.
  • When you follow other users on Instagram, you are able to view all of photos they have upload on Instagram.
  • Most of the photo upload to the Instagram platform are users’ own photo, which are not be copied from other channel.
  • Users can comment other people’s phote.

How can Instagram be used in part of an IMC strategy?

Instagram is a good social media channel for businesses to use in their IMC strategies, the businesses can create a Instagram photo channel to show their business and products, and also can upload some picture about their promotions Businesses can use Instagram as a channel to attract the consumer’s attention, and interact with them. Both of the consumers and potential customer can communicate with the business and other users by comment the photos (, 2014).

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular social network platform for people to shares text posts, photos and videos, which can be anything people interested in. people can follow and share other people’s blog, and communicate with other people, which is a process of influence each other. Users can search key words of what they are interested in, and they can find the related blog from other people’s blog (, 2014).

Tumblr’s features

Tumblr users tend to post other peoples pictures and videos, rather than their own

There are no restrictions on different types of formats

There is no maximum length limit for people’s post.

Interact with the communities through liking, reblogging and commenting

How can Tumblr be used in an IMC strategy?

The Tumblr platform are very suitable for businesses’ IMC strategy, because the tumblr allows people to share the interesting blogs, and other users can like it, share it and add it to their own blog, this means much more people can view the blog. So if a business can rational use this skill to post some interesting blog related to their business, their blog will be spread quickly and extensive. Tumblr also allows for businesses to link their Facebok and Twitters, and easily for users to find the blog by key words search.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking site which is just run by images post. People can upload the picture by pin button, and these pictures can be found on the internet or from themselves. The users can also pin the picture directly from a web page (Carr n.d.).

Pinterest’s features

Allows for users to organisation their photos they have pinned and repined

Pinterest can be fully functional without having to connect with other people, by mearly just repining from others

Users are not limit to interacting with the site from just Pinterest but other external sites

Visually appealing with high quality images

How can Pinterest be used in an IMC strategy?

Pinterest also can be used in an IMC strategy for businesses; it allows spread of promotions to the users by enable for different external sites to embed their logo. The businesses can use Pinterest to post the board image and pins to describe the image which they have created, and through this way to provide the information about the business to costomers.


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