Blog 4

The Block Glasshouse —–Channel 9


The Block is one of the most popular reality television series broadcast on Nine Network. Usually there are four or five couples as guest to compete against each other to renovate houses and sell them at auction for the highest price.

Domain Name:

Search The Block Glasshouse by google, you can easily find the link at the top of the screen.

Online marketing activities: The Block’s website provides lot information about all aspects of the show by an attractive interactive platform. It also uses some online social networks to advertise itself, such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, the Block’s website is doing an actual show which is offline and being a good interaction platform for their show on channel 9.

Content: There are many details about the all aspects of this show offered by the Block’s website, view these detail you can easily find the videos of the news, the information of suppliers for the show, contestant information, recent rooms which created by contestants and access to the latest clips.

Connections: The Block’s websites posts the suppliers, whose goods are used in the show,
Block’s website also gives some sample detail about these goods and where can buy these goods.

Community and communication: The Block Glasshouse use Facebook and Twitter to build the main online community, which is free open for anyone to view its detail information about the show and communicate with each other on the Facebook.

Cross promotion: We can view the Block’s website advertising homes, which provide lots information about the social media sites, and we can clearly see the icons of these social media sites, such as Facebook and T witter, and Block also promote other Channel 9 shows, such as Big Brother.

The X Factor—–Channel 7


The X Factor is a show about singing competition, which shown on channel 7 on Tuesday nights at 7.30pm and Sunday nights at 6.30pm.


Online marketing activities: The X Factor has its own website which posts all of its videos from the show. The X Factor also uses many online social media to promote its show, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Content: The website provides videos from each performance, news, the music, backstage insights and competitions, which are free view for the users. Factor online also offers lots of activities on their webpage for users, such as catching up on episodes, being able to vote online.
Connections: Olay and Woolworths

Community and Communication: The community of the X Factor is very positive and interactive. It provides a ‘Fan Factor’ section on the website, which dedicated to the fans and recaps the weeks “goss and shenanigans”. X Factor also use a number of social media platforms for communicate, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google.
Cross Promotion: X Factor being cross promoted with McDonalds and Olay can be found in the win section ‘Get the X Factor Treatment’. They also promote their app on the website, and the users also can view the video by the app.

Big Brother—– channel 9


Online marketing activities: the Big Brother ‘s marketing activities are mainly using their official website and number pf social media, such as Facebook and Twitter and uploading regular YouTube videos about their shows
Contents: The Big Brother provides episodes, biographies of the housemates, up-to-date latest news and latest happenings one its official websites.
Connections: At the bottom of the page, we can easily find the connections brands icon, such as Dreamworld, Endemol, KFC and Ambipur.
Community and Communication: its communication is mainly base on the Facebook and Twitter, Big Brother has more than 784, 333 likes on its Facebook page. It also has 181,000 followers on Twitter site. Big Brother likely to be a very big local community which attract massive public attention from audiences based on the social media communication. But Big Brother is quite controversial, so it also gets much negative voice on the social media communication.
Cross Promotion: on the Big Brother’s website, we cannot be able to find any cross promotion on their page.



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