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The company chosen for traffic monitoring is Domino’s (Domino’s-Australia,2014), which is the largest pizza chain in Australia in terms of both network store numbers and network sales, and It is also the largest franchisee for the Domino’s Pizza brand in the world (Domino’s 2014). Compare to some other famous fast food brand, such as McDonald’s and KFC, Domino’s not only provide physical store service, but also order online service. Moreover its order online service is quite ripe in Australia.

Alexa clearly shows that the Traffic Rank of the Domino’s in the world is 30269, and the rank in Australia is 396. Moreover, its bounce rate is 20.90%, and its daily Page views per Visitor is 8.80.


According to Alexa’s audience demographics, the main users for Domino’s website is female, most of the user’s education level is college. In addition, we can easily find that almost all of the user’s location is at home, which means the main objects of the Domino’s order online service are people who are at home.


The Alexa also clear show audience geography of the Domino’s, the main target country is Australia.


From the Search Traffic section, we can see that the top Keywords from search engines for Domino’s are dominos, dominos coupons, dominos vouchers, domino’s pizza and dominos online. A large part of person use dominos coupons and dominos vouchers as the keywords, which means there are a large groups of people pay attention to Domino’s discount.

Lastly we can also find out the keywords by the page source. The keywords are domino’s pizza, domino’s, pizza delivery, pizza online, hot pizza, fresh, quality pizzas,  hot cell, home delivery, online ordering, cheese, Australian, Sydney, Brisbane,  Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, pickup, pick-up, takeaway, take away pizza (page source, Domino)



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